Vol. 11, No. 1
Winter 2006

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Selections from Industrial Development and Labor Markets

in the United States - Mexico Border

Edited By

Alejandro Mungaray, Sonia Lugo Morones, and Noé Arón Fuentes


By Alejandro Mungaray, Sonia Lugo Morones, Noé Arón Fuentes

By James W. Wilkie

Table of Contents

CHAPTER FIVE: Export-Oriented Production and the Agricultural Labor Market in the Northwest Border Region of Mexico
By Sonia Lugo Morones

CHAPTER SEVEN: Production Efficiency and Credit Availability for Micro and Small Firms in Baja California
By Alejandro Mungaray and Martin Ramirez-Urquidy

CHAPTER EIGHT: Global and Local Industrial Development in Tijuana ORIGINS AND TENDENCIES
By Emilio Hernández, Alejandro Mungaray and Juan M. Ocegueda-Hernandez


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