Vol. 2, No. 4

Summer 1997

Integrating Cities and Regions: North America Faces Globalization

Afterword by James W. Wilkie

Edited by James W. Wilkie and Clint E. Smith

Associate Editor: Francisco Gil-White

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Preface. "The New Economic Geography of North America."

William F. Miller (Stanford University)


Introduction. "Integrating Cities and Regions: NAFTA and Beyond."

Clint E. Smith (Stanford University)


Chapter 1. "The Political Economy of Open Regionalism."

Clark W. Reynolds (Stanford University)


Chapter 2. "Cascadia: Shared Visions and Strategic Alliances in a Cross-Border Region."

Alan F.J. Artibise (University of British Columbia)

Bradly J. Condon (Simon Fraser University)

Warren Gill (Simon Fraser University)


Chapter 3. "The San Diego-Tijuana Region."

Paul Ganster (SDSU)

Sergio Rey (SDSU)

Norris Clement (SDSU)

Juan Alvarez (UABC)

Enrique Garcia (UABC)

Gustave del Castillo (COLEF)

Ken Shellhammer


Chapter 4. "The Local Response to the Decentralization of Infrastructure in Oaxaca."

Raul Livas (ITAM)

Rafael Gamboa (ITAM/UC Berkeley)


Chapter 5. "New Strategies in Financing City Development: Recent Experience and Challenges in Managing Mexico City's Finances."

Javier Beristain (Secretariat for Finance, Mexico City)

Ricardo Samaniego (Secretariat for Finance, Mexico City)


Chapter 6. "Beyond New York and the New World Order: Facing a Growing Regional Economic Identity Crisis." (Survey of the Greater Tri-State Metropolitan Economic Region.)

Ronald G. Hellman (CUNY)

Eugene D. Miller (CUNY)


Chapter 7. "NAFTA and Beyond: The Case of the Greater Toronto Area."

Alan S. Alexandroff (Center for International Studies/University of Toronto)


Chapter 8. "Making of a Total Quality Community."

Doug Henton, John Melville, William F. Miller, Kim Walesh


Chapter 9. "The Arizona-Sonora Region."

Clemente Ruiz Durán (UNAM)

Pablo Wong Gonzáles CIAD)


Chapter 10. "Income Transfers Under Increased Economic Integration: The Case of Newfoundland in Canada."

Morley Gunderson (University of Toronto)


Conclusion. "Conclusions and Implications for Policy and Research."

Clark W. Reynolds (Stanford University)


James W. Wilkie


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