Vol. 7, No. 2
Spring 2002

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Globalization and "Information-Based Capitalism"

Globalization Introduction
By Alejandro Dabat and Miguel Angel Rivera Rios

Modalities of International Integration and Expansion Perspectives of Mexican Companies
By Jorge Basave Kunhardt Institute of Economic Research, UNAM

Globalization, Information Capitalism, and the Spatial Configuration of Today's World
By Alejandro Dabat (CRIM-UNAM)

Crisis and Reform of the State in Latin America
By Marcos Kaplan
Large Mexican Enterprises Within Globalization
By Morera Camacho
Modernity Overwhelmed
By Ricardo Pozas Hocasitas
Global Process and National Integration: Mexico's experience during the 1990"s
By Miguel Angel Rivera Ríos (UNAM)


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