6. Estado y agricultura en México. Antecedentes e implicaciones de las reformas salinistas

Enrique C. Ochoa y
David E. Lorey

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Universidad Aútonoma Metropolitana-Unidad Azcapotzalco

184 Págs.

ISBN: 970-620-589-6

Año 1994

On November 7, 1991, President Salinas de Gortari broke with the long-standing agrarian policy and announced the reform of Article 27 of the Constitution. With a stroke of a pen, Salinas declared the land reform initiated with the Revolution of 1910 over and laid the basis for dismantling Mexico's peculiar form of collective holding, the ejido. The reform of Article 27 culminated nearly a decade of gradual withdrawal of the state from direct participation in the agricultural economy.

The issues raised and analyzed here remain vexing problems for Mexico, as the uprising in Chiapas continues to remind us, and will remain relevant to policy issues far into the future.

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